About Us

Teton Communications Inc. was founded in 1966 by Richard E. Hafla. In the beginning, Richard lived in a Camp Trailer and worked from a Ford pickup with a camper that had been converted into a service lab.

Since these humble beginnings, Teton Communications Inc. has grown to become a fully staffed, professional sales and full service wireless business, providing guidance in the selection of wireless products, system integration, installation, repair and licensing.

Our professional staff of 11 includes; engineers, service technicians, sales representatives and clerical help bring over 150 years of collective experience and expertise in radio communications.

If you’re facing a communications challenge, odds are Teton Communications Inc. has faced the same challenges before, and can help with innovative products and solutions.

Teton Communications, Inc. offers an extensive line of wireless products. You can relay on Teton Communications Inc. for the expertise to guide you through the selection process, thereby ensuring the greatest benefit from your 2-Way product purchase.

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